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A matter of good taste...

whey protein facts

"Which flavor of MASS PRO Whey tastes best?"

Well, that really comes down to personal preference. They have award winning flavor profiles, for certain. The Pure Vanilla is authentic, not anything like the fake butterscotch vanilla of so many others... Hershey's Chocolate is rich, dark. A treat! Oh, and the MVP style is natural/neutral, so lives up to it's name- Most Versatile Protein. Great added to ANYTHING. Try them all.

Synthagen X2 inventory

"Is the new Synthagen X2 in stock? I know it sells out all the time. Eager to try this new batch!"

As of this writing, yes. This time next week, who knows? Check the store and Blog/News Alerts tab there for the latest specials and inventory alerts. It's always a good idea to buy one or two extra of your favorite items from us because our custom-crafted, exclusive formulas are not cheaply made synthetics like others, so availability can not always be guaranteed. To avoid disappointment, accept no substitutes and secure your personal supplies today at current best pricing.

Acid Reflux Relief

"A friend said you have a natural product that helps him with acid reflux. Which one is it?"

Alkaplex Green. Works great. Here is a quick link to the info- Alkaplex Green for Acid Reflux Relief.

TranQuilogen Inquiry

"I'm looking for details on Tranquilogen, what all the ingredients are to see if it's right for me and my chronic pain."

Happy to help, you'll find details on fast and effective TranQuilogen, here- TranQuilogen - Mental & Physical REJUVENATION.

Adaptogen N Best Use

"I love and enjoy the better sleep, body composition and drive I get with Adaptogen N. I will finish my second bottle in 2 weeks. I believe it's time for me to cycle off for a month. I work the midnight shift and usually work out three days a week in the morning. Adaptogen N helps me sleep and recover. When I take melatonin by itself I have bad nightmares. For some reason your formula is different. So what do I do when my bottle ends? I'm going to order some Horny goat weed and maybe the Kre Alkalyn with Edcy. What's your suggestion and do I need to go off the whole month to ensure my body doesn't get used to the Adaptogen?"

Thank you. The general suggestion is to take two weeks off Adaptogen N every 10 weeks or so, or to simply skip 2 days per week ongoing when getting to where you are. Most pick the latter as best practice, and it's just enough of a break ongoing to keep the cell receptors fresh and active. The Kre-Anabolyn is an excellent alternate, too, and stacks especially well with Adaptogen N. Visit the Bodybuilding Kits section on the Products tab above for more on 'The Testosterone Booster Program' combo.

High Protein Low Carb Recipes, Homemade Protein Bars & Super Shakes

"I know you guys have a website with a bunch of high protein recipes on it, but I can't seem to find it today. Got a link for me?"

Sure thing. Just click to www.HighProteinLowCarb.Diet

Mail Order Form

"I'd like to place an order by mail. How do I do that?"

Just click, print and follow the instructions, here- Mail Order Supplements Form. Thank you for your business.

Vegetarian Supplements for Bodybuilders?

"I'm looking for only vegetarian and vegan vitamins and supplements for bodybuilding, can you help me out?"

You bet. Here's some extremely powerful options- Vegan Vitamins & Supplements: Vegetarian bodybuilding supplements. "MASS PRO Impact Amino" has to be the most potent Vegetarian Bodybuilding Supplement on the planet. Also note that some use non veggie capsule formulas by simply emptying the contents out to avoid the gelatin caps, or to add to smoothies, etc.

Free Muscle and Fitness Supplements

"Where can I find the announcement of the giveaway winner?"

Happy to help, click Free Muscle & Fitness Supplements to see if you've won. You can also double your chances of winning by signing up to follow @askmass on Twitter. Good luck!

Free Muscle T-Shirt

"Do you still offer the muscle t-shirts? That is a sharp, attention drawing shirt."

Yes, we still have the Muscle MASS T-Shirts in the now classic design. Jeff "the environmentally friendly screen printer" Hammond has been churning them out since 1993 now and we can safely say they continue to draw eyes far and wide, the world over... Click the link above to get yours.

Big pecs, delts and traps

"What are the best weight training exercises to increase pec, delt and trap size?"

weight and fitness training

Here you go-

Pecs: Weighted Dips

Delts: Military Press

Traps: Deadlifts, Shrugs

All of the above exercises tie-in pecs, delts and traps very effectively. Work limited sets of these, work `em heavy and to complete failure, eat and drink high protein and you'll be needing new shirts soon!

Easy steps to self improvement

"Is there a listing of all the nutrition facts information reports on the website? I had several bookmarked, but my browser crashed and erased them."

We've got you covered. Save this information page for direct access to all of the current (and future) reports.

Is it OK to mix A-AKG and Creatine?

"Have you seen the powder with arginine alpha-ketoglutarate like your Nitro Pro AKG and NO2, but also has creatine and stimulants mixed in? I thought using creatine with stims and A-AKG was a bad idea?"

First, be aware that a great many versions of A-AKG are a hoodwink, with or without creatine. A plain mix is NOT the legitimate, bonded A-AKG compound found in Nitro Pro AKG powder.

If only it were so easy as that to produce the real compound and get the great Nitro AKG results.

However, after saturating Nitro Pro AKG (or the other, overpriced but legit A-AKG you mentioned) it is perfectly fine and good to add Kre-Alkalyn or Kre-Anabolyn to your stack. You'll love the synergistic effects.

Click the blue link for tips and insight on real Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and how to maximize your results.

Raw Eggs?

"To build muscle mass, how many raw eggs should I drink a day and at what times of the day?"

Please, don't ever consume raw eggs. While it was done in the "good old days" before salmonelia was such a high risk factor, it is without question a no-no today.

If you were to contract salmonelia, it could potentially kill you. At the very least, it will make you extremely sick and put you in great pain for weeks on end.

Read up on our 1st quality Mass Pro Whey Protein and you'll find it a much better way to boost protein intake, all around, including price per gram. Below you'll find extensive information on protein requirements under the heading "Protein: How much is enough?".

Digestive enzymes

"What can you tell me about digestive enzymes? My diet coach suggested they may help me to better absorb the foods I eat, protein in particular, since I'm on a high protein diet."

No question about it, a quality formula such as the Digestive Enzyme Blend found in Multi-Guard can deliver improvements for most everyone. For those with digestive limitations, the positive impact to overall health, fitness and well-being can be astounding. Check out the following well researched report for all the facts on digestive enzymes.

How to maximize your human growth hormone level

"What is the best way to take Gamma GH for maximum results?"

Gamma GH is a breeze to take and works great at increasing natural human growth hormone release. This compound displays a vast profile of athletic, physique and life enhancement benefits.

The best time to take Gamma GH is just before bed on an empty stomach. Simply mix the pure powder in a small amount of water and drink. Gamma GH should be taken sublingually (dissolved under the tongue) to insure absorption if you have eaten within two hours before administration.

Clinical trials show a 5 gram dose of Gamma GH to have the greatest impact on human growth hormone release (550% HGH increases within 90 minutes). It is recommended that you start out with a 1-2 gram dose and work up to the five gram level over a week or two. This is because Gamma GH has a very noticeable effect. You can literally "feel" it working within just a few minutes by way of a "tingling" sensation at your nerve endings and through the calming, relaxing effect it exerts.

Supplements for Golf

golf supplements

"I'm a 43 year old golf pro who is developing a bit of a spare tire around the middle and arthritis in the toes. I also smoke, and hate every minute of it. What do you recommend in the way of supplements to help shed the gut, regain strength/mobility and get me back to a more healthy lifestyle? Do you ship overseas and is there any problems with importing these items?"

We've shipped overseas daily for 20+ years and welcome your business.

For arthritis and joint health, we can not recommend a combo of Glucosamine Chondroitin and Ultimate Omega Cod Liver Oil highly enough. Your joints will feel years younger after a few months use. We carry both premium grade Double Strength Glucosamine Chondroitin and Ultimate Omega at a great price. As a side note, Ultimate Omega is hands-down the best tasting Cod Liver Oil on the planet. Via a Patented process, 100% of the "fish" taste is removed. Amazingly good tasting, and amazingly good for you.

For very noticeable strength gains and a harder physique, add our Patented Kre-Alkalyn Creatine or Kre-Anabolyn to the above stack. For added fat loss, endurance and mental focus, use Burn It Up! capsules.

Of course, we encourage you to quit smoking.Of course, we encourage you to quit smoking. It's no easy battle, but average Joe's quit, and stay quit, everyday. After 72 hours the nicotine is out of the bloodstream and it is a mental battle from that point on. Bite the bullet, and quit cold turkey is our advice.

Big arms

"I have a question about my biceps and triceps. I work 4 exercises for each and do 3 sets of 4-8 reps. When I finish my last set should I do 1 light set of 10-15 reps to get that last pump? I'm having a hard time adding size to my arms."

Frankly, you are more than likely overtraining arms. The last thing you need is more sets. DROP two movements for both biceps and triceps, cut back to two full-bore sets and within weeks you're sure to see gains return. See, the arms are a small muscle group compared to your quads, chest and back. Plus, they are worked indirectly when you bench, row, etc. Limited sets + 110% intensity = big arms!

By the way, "pump" has nothing to do with growth. Sure, it feels good and swells the muscle, but in reality it is nothing more that the muscle being filled with blood. Work a handful of sets to total muscular failure, eat and drink high protein and you'll do great!

Protein: How much is enough?

"To gain muscle, how many grams of protein should I be taking in daily? Right now I weigh 175 lbs and I would like to weigh 190."

For serious fitness training, the evidence supporting a daily protein intake in the range of 1.5 to 2 grams per pound of bodyweight is overwhelming. At 175 pounds, you should aim for a daily intake of around 300 grams of quality protein. You can later adjust this amount up or down as your goals / gains dictate. To reach this level, each meal should be focused around hearty portions of your favorite high protein foods like steak and other beef cuts, fish and seafood, chicken and eggs (toss out 1/2 the yokes to lower fat content).

To enable you to keep exact tabs on protein content, you'll want to grab a copy of The Complete Book Of Food Counts from our secure order page. This book is a must-have reference. Otherwise, reaching your daily protein goals is guesswork. Like we say- "Knowledge is Power".

Post-workout protein intake is crucial. Via the workout stimulus, what is called the "golden window" opens. During this time, your muscle cells, quite literally, open up fully for a short time and seek to soak up protein like a sponge does water. In order to take full advantage of this opportunity to greatly accelerate the growth and repair of your muscle tissue a legitimate, quickly assimilated protein powder such as Advanced MASS PRO should be employed. High protein foods are not suitable in this instance as they do not digest fast enough.

Also of note is the fact that a serving or two of MASS PRO between meals will help you reach your daily protein requirements without having to stuff yourself at the table. It has been said many times; "it is much easier to drink rather than eat a high protein diet". Two scoops of Mass Pro Whey Protein mixed into 3 cups of organic milk quickly yields a full 75 grams of muscle building protein for your hungry muscle tissue and is typically less expensive gram for gram verses preparing time-consuming high protein foods.

If I could only use one supplement...

"Adaptogen N has worked wonders for me! Matter of fact, if I could only use one supplement I would pick it without hesitation. Much more effective than Tribestan, which I was using before. I don't know who designed it, but give them my thanks on a job well done."

Thank you, we appreciate your high praise! If you look closely at the Adaptogen N formulation you'll see that each of the five compounds has both a specific function in and of itself while also complimenting the "whole" to an extraordinary level. Not to knock good quality Tribulus only items, but they only address a small portion of what Adaptogen N does. The brainchild behind the formula is John Drake, our company founder by the way.

Can my babe Burn it Up?

nutritional supplements

"My wife is considering a prescription diet pill with listed side-effects that fill two full pages. I'm against it and have asked her to try your thermogenic first. It is OK for the ladies same as men, right? I've also read that yohimbe is effective for "love handle" weight loss. Is this the truth?"

Yes, Burn It Up! is perfectly suited for both women (except when pregnant or lactating) and men. It is also true that research shows Yohimbe Extract to be effective at metabolizing dense "brown fat". Good for love, and love handles it is said.

Put me in the game, Coach!

"Is 16 too early to start weight training? Which exercises should I do? Best supplements?"

The "rule of thumb" is to be at least 14. Gains come fast and steady if you apply yourself during your teens, so you really are at the perfect age to start weight training. Get your physician's OK, and go for it! Master the big 3 compound movements (squat, deadlift, bench) first and you'll make far fewer mistakes down the road, not to mention be bigger and stronger before you know it.

Quality supplements can greatly speed your progress. Start with a legit protein shake like MASS PRO following all workouts along with a Multi-Guard vitamin after your high protein breakfast and dinner and you'll be well on your way. For a quick course of most valuable tips and insights that really work, grab a copy of the Fast Mass report available on the secure order page. It will be the best ten bucks you'll ever spend. Best of luck!


"The Synthagen supplement is based around a better type of ecdysterone, right? Or is there really a lot more to the ingredients? What will convince me to buy Synthagen?"

While Mass Pro Synthagen is based around a specific type of hard-to-source and expensive ecdysterone, it would be a mistake to think of it as an ecydsterone supplement alone. Instead, the formula addresses every rate-limiting step in growing new muscle with highly targeted nutrients and a delivery system engineered to allow users to train harder, longer and more frequently to attain a level of muscularity, strength and improved recovery that was thought impossible without the use of hormones.

As far as convincing you beyond that, we don't really do "hard sell". It sells itself with countless reviews like these two-

"I have been taking supplements for some time now and in the ongoing fight against DOMS I can finally level the playing field. This is like nothing I've taken before. Words can't really describe it, this is SIMPLY A MUST TRY."
-Ray Laurent, Verified 5 Star MASS PRO Synthagen Review

"WTF is in this bottle? During my years, I have tried many different products - never done actual steroids though. Most of them seem to be just air. You can't really notice any difference. Now I got in to trying this and I have a hard time believing it's real, the difference in training and recovery is hugely different. I started MPS while I was recovering from a monster leg workout. For 3 days I could barely walk. Yesterday I did the same workout and I'm not feeling it at all. What's the trick? Can this be legal? Can it be real? Seems so, but still...." -DoneDiddy, Verified 5 Star MASS PRO Synthagen Review

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