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Let there be no mistake, heat damages protein. Especially whey protein. Heat processing ruptures and reforms whey protein molecules. It's called denaturing, and it makes digestion and absorption difficult.

Scientific studies show that when heat is used to dry whey protein it burns thousands of cross-linked bonds into the original amino acid structure. When this denatured protein is ingested, the enzymes in your intestines work overtime to break it down. For many, it can be quite uncomfortable. When all is said and done, little protein is actually absorbed and any resulting nitrogen retention is negligible. The worst thing about drying whey protein in this manner is that it destroys highly valuable immunoglobulin fractions.

Proteins commonly heat-processed include egg white, lactalbumin, casein and more "big ticket" whey brands than you'd imagine. Some try to pass it off as "low-temperature" drying. We say HEAT is heat. Other so-called whey powders add cheaper proteins to cut costs and the bottom tier are "short processed" ones that legitimately spec out at a scant 50-60% low grade protein and contain loads of fat, lactose and carbs.

MASS PRO® is a superior matrix consisting of advanced whey protein concentrates, isolate peptides and organic ALPHA EFX™ Colostrum. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment, destructive heat is bypassed - yielding the absolute highest concentration of pure, undenatured whey protein powder. Undesireable fat and lactose is removed and valuable glutamine peptides and immunoglobulin isolate fractions are maximized. The production of MASS PRO isn't quick, but we think you'll agree the end result is well worth the extra time and effort; the most bio-available protein ever made.

Precision Engineered ™

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MASS PRO is an incredible powder, surpassing whole eggs in biological activity and the ability to deposit nitrogen into muscle. How much protein you absorb and retain so your body can stay in positive nitrogen balance around the clock is an all important key to healthy muscle tissue growth and repair. Further, studies have shown people on low carb diets, endurance athletes and those involved in intense exercise such as weight training and sports have a MUCH greater protein requirement. Per scoop, MASS PRO delivers a full 24 grams of muscle building, health and fitness boosting protein nutrition and is scientifically proven to have many other extraordinary properties. Here's a few of them;

1) The most immune-enhancing protein powder ever formulated. Intense training loads and daily stress rob your immune system. Advanced MASS PRO is proven to greatly boost immune system response. (R. Sadler, S. Afr. J. Dairy Sci., Vol. 24, no.s. 1992)

2) MASS PRO is colostrum enhanced. Hundreds of published studies detail the major benefits of colostrum supplementation; Immune support. Bacteria, fungi and virus elimination. Mood enhancement. Blood sugar balancing. Skin rejuvenation. Joint/Cartilage support. Anti-inflamation. Increased muscle building. Fat loss. Enhanced healthy intestinal flora. Accelerated healing of injury or trama and increased strength and endurance. Colostrum is the most concentrated food source of health and longevity enhancing Lactoferrin. There are over thirty seven immune factors in Colostrum including Immunoglobulins, Trypsin, Lactoferrin, Polypeptides, Protease Inhibitors and Cytokines. Colostrum also has eight growth factors (IGF-1, IGF-2, EgF, FgF, PDGF, TgF A and B) which enhance human growth hormone (HGH). Clinical trials with athletes using colostrum enhanced whey as found in MASS PRO VS. whey protein alone showed a 400% improvement in performance. (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (34, 7:1184-88, 2002).

3) MASS PRO yields the highest ratio of Glutamine Peptides and Taurine for peak protein synthesis, muscle cell volume and immune system enhancement. (A. Militello, et al."Effect of Taurine Administration on Amino Acid and 3-Methylhistine Concentration in Man". Vienna Austria; 41st International Congress on Amino Acids, 1995. Ehrlich, N., Shabert, J. The Ultimate Nutrient; Glutamine. 1994; 14, 15, 20, 58).

4) Clinical trials with cancer patients fed 30g daily of the whey concentrate found in MASS PRO showed tumor regression. (Kennedy R.S., Konok G.P., Bounous G., Baruchel S., Lee T.D., Anti-Cancer Research, 1995).

5) MASS PRO is the most undenatured protein powder you can buy and contains research proven whey peptides and tri-peptides which strongly increase cellular levels of vital antioxidants and have been shown to strongly increase Insulin-like Growth Factor while positively influencing messenger RNA. (M.M. Jepson, et al. Brit. J. Nutr. 59, 1988).

6) MASS PRO has the highest Biological Value of any existing protein powder.

7) MASS PRO is lactose free. It's easy (soothing and probiotic building) on the digestive system.

8) MASS PRO is a truly "Precision Engineered" and undenatured whey protein powder boasting an extremely high concentration of all Ten Essential Amino Acids. The medical-grade low molecular weight profile delivers a precision whey, isolate and peptide spectrum while maintaining an ultra-low glycemic index. This results in a constant high state of nitrogen absorption and retention and a steady state of immune system enhancing activity.

9) Advanced processing techniques allow us to leave important quadra-peptides in the MASS PRO powder. These peptides act as natural painkillers.

10) Highest concentration of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) to prevent muscle catabolism and speed growth and repair of muscle tissue. Simply having an instant mixing MASS PRO shake following your workout results in much improved recovery and delivers a clinically proven muscle gain boost.

11) MASS PRO is GMO Free Lecithin enhanced for accelerated fat loss, improved cellular recovery and optimized energy production. Medical studies also show Lecithin to lower LDL ("bad" cholesterol), increased HDL ("good" cholesterol), reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, protect the liver, increased physical performance, and improve brain/memory function.

Over a Decade In The Making

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Using the latest technology in computer-aided testing equipment, nutritional scientists have worked hard finding a way to effectively deliver the most nitrogen rich and muscle building protein to the body. The findings from an original and intensive study published in France in 1989 (Journal of Parenteral & Internal Nutrition, 13:382, 1989) on isolated Whey Peptides got the ball rolling in a big way. Whey Peptides are powerful isolates of amino acids derived from much longer whole whey protein molecules. It was discovered that these isolated Whey Peptides exerted the following benefits:

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This brilliant study (confirmed in later trials) showed Whey Peptides to outperform all other protein sources, far exceeding raw and short-processed whey, with many times more nitrogen being delivered and retained by muscle tissue. Improved general health and greater protein synthesis was shown, including increased muscle growth and fullness. From these findings scientists became aware of how to theoretically boost metabolic response to protein. However, it was not until more recently that that the real breakthrough of Peptide Enzyme Technology became a practical manufacturing reality. In this method, special enzymes are used to cleave the long whey molecules into powerful Whey Peptides. Today, the end results of this breakthrough is exemplified in Registered Cold Process MASS PRO. Not only is state-of-the-art cold processing used, but unlike those who take shortcuts which make broad pH changes via the use of unnatural solutions, absolutely no chemical or heat treatment whatsoever is used in the manufacturing of MASS PRO.

When you buy Advanced MASS PRO you are assured of the most complete, unadulterated, undenatured and truly effective protein ever developed - and, all at an attractive price per serving compared to non-effective brands and conventional protein foods.

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"I've tried them all (Designer Whey, Isopure, Sportpharma, VP2) and MASS PRO is by far the best. It assimilates better than all the others and doesn't leave you feeling bloated. I recommend it to every one of my clients."
-Anthony S. DiCostanzo, C.P.T.

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"This is an endorsement. I am 76, and a competitive handball player for over 50 of those years. I began using MASS PRO after reading clinical studies cited in Science News showing significant benefits for seniors using whey in arresting muscle loss from aging. I have been using MASS PRO since, for over 5 years (check your records of my orders), and have maintained my muscle strength and size ever since.

I had been a candidate for full hip replacement for over 10 years due to wear and tear and multiple injuries on the handball courts and finally had the surgery June 11, 2009. My doctor and physical therapists have been astonished at how fast I mended. Way ahead of where expected on all fronts. I graduated from walker to cane in two weeks, and from cane to fully flexible and mobile in 7 weeks. My surgical incision healed very quickly. I think my good physical condition and muscle strength going into surgery with contributions from MASS PRO provided these results. Thanks for your great product."
-Joel Barries

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