"Digestive enzyme supplement benefits can be key to improved nutrient absorption, weight loss, protein uptake..."

Digestive Enzymes
and their Functions

Research report from
Muscle And Sports Science

The Digestive Enzyme Supplements included in Alkaplex Green and Multi-Guard help your body to digest dietary carbohydrate, protein and fat - augmenting those made in your system and found in fresh food - thereby greatly improving nutrient absorption in your body. Alarmingly, research shows naturally produced digestive enzymes often drop drastically by age 30 in many individuals.

What are digestive enzymes?


A natural plant extract which helps your body break down and assimilate starches and carbohydrates. Amylase has been shown to help reduce stress.


Digests cellulose (fiber). Cellulase, which is not found in the human system, breaks the bonds found in fiber. By disrupting the structure of the fiber matrices or cell walls which envelop most of the nutrients in plants, cellulase increases the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.


Works to break down sucrose products like refined table sugar into glucose and fructose. The abundance of processed and highly refined foods in the average diet means that we consume a great amount of this type of sugar which can contribute to undue digestive stress. It is theorized that unrecognized sucrose intolerance is a contributing factor in many allergies. Supplemental Invertase enzymes can increase the assimilation and utilization of this sugar.


Digests milk sugar. Lactase deficiency is the most common and well-known form of carbohydrate intolerance. Lactase digests lactose milk sugar into glucose and galactose. Most mammals, including humans, have high intestinal lactase activity at birth. But, in some cases this activity declines to low levels during childhood and remains low in adulthood. The low lactase levels cause maldigestion of milk and other foods containing lactose. It is estimated that approximately 70% of the world's population is deficient in intestinal lactase with more than one-third of the U.S. population presumed to be unable to digest dairy products. Supplemental lactase enzymes have been found to decrease the symptoms of lactose intolerance associated with the consumption of dairy foods.


Contributes to carbohydrate and fat digestive action. When added to a meal as a supplement, it digests dietary fat, relieving the gallbladder, liver and the pancreas, which would otherwise need to produce the requisite enzymes. The absorption of protein from fatty foods such as fish or seeds benefits by incorporating supplemental lipase digestive enzymes in the diet.


Digests complex and simple sugars. Maltase breaks down unused glycogen in muscle. Glycogen is a thick, sticky substance that is converted from sugars and starches and is stored in your muscle cells for future use. If stored glycogen continues to build up in the muscle tissues, it leads to progressive muscle weakness and degeneration.

Protease 1, Protease 2

Digests protein. Since blood borne marauders are composed of proteins, ingesting protease can breakdown and destroy unwanted fungi, bacteria and viruses in the bloodstream. Taking protease enzymes in supplement form spares the natural pool of protease digestive enzymes from being expended in the digestion and absorption of protein.

By incorporating DIGESTIVE ENZYMES into the Multi-Guard and Alkaplex Green supplements the overall level of health promoting activity of the product is greatly enhanced, so you gain the full benefits of the most complete vitamin/mineral/anti-oxidant and brain support formula.


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"The very first day I started the multi I had several wonderful results. A life long digestive problem of excessive gas stopped immediately. I am not as hungry and have more energy, which makes me hopeful about losing excess weight. This multi is such a blessing to me."
-Cathy G., Washington, DC

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