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bronze ez canthaxanthin

Long time Canthaxanthin client

"I've bought Canthaxanthin forever, going all the way back to the old Bronze Ez, or was it Bronze Ezee brand? Bronze Organic is decidedly the best ever Canthaxanthin, by the way. Any chance we'll see the price come back down?"

Thank you very much. We've always strived to offer only the very best and believe Bronze Organic to be the ultra-premium Canthaxanthin of choice today.

While searching worldwide for the darkest, highest quality and maximum potency Canthaxanthin available anywhere, Bronze Organic was born. This super-premium grade of ingredient has increased in price over time, no doubt. You get what you pay for, though, because during our research and development we discovered several lesser brands tested out to reveal they contained only a fraction of the stated amount, a mere 3-5mg of Canthaxanthin in a couple of cases... so, let the buyer beware of any cheap brands out there!

Bottom line, Bronze Organic Canthaxanthin sets a new, state-of-the-art standard. It's the "one cap per meal" Real McCoy, rigorously tested and certified to deliver guaranteed maximum levels of pure, ultra-premium 10:1 "Canthaxanthin Supreme". It's the Gold Standard, Bronze Organic in the brushed gold label.

International supplement shipments

"I live in Japan and need details on buying bodybuilding supplements with you. What rules and regulations apply?"

For all the facts, click here; International Supplement Shipment Information

H.I.T training

"What do you think of the H.I.T. style of training? I've been reading some articles on it and I think I'm frustrated enough to give it a whirl. Still, it just doesn't seem to make complete sense to me when compared to traditional methods of training."

If by "traditional" you mean the high volume routines presented in newsstand catalogs which masquerade as muscle magazines, then you are mistaken. H.I.T. principles are rooted in what is the real traditional style of weight training (before steroids). For the genetically average, drug-free lifter a High Intensity Training routine like our Fast Mass will almost always produce better results. Very often, dramatically better results. Give it a try, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Wholesale BodyBuilding Supplements

"I'm a Personal Trainer in Houston and was talking with a presenter after a conference who had raved about your proteins and amino acids. We were interrupted and all I got in closing was her shouting "body building supplements dot com ask for wholesale!", lol. So, I'm writing for wholesale information please, to hopefully get started with you guys."

I think I know the trainer you are talking about! She is amazing and always talks about MASS PRO. Here's where to get your account set up- Wholesale Distributor & Drop Ship Affiliate Program

Privacy Policy

"Can you guarantee that my personal information will not be sold to other companies if I order online with you?"

Absolutely. We do not sell, rent or trade customer information with third parties for any reason whatsoever. Here is our complete privacy policy.

Trace mineral supplements: Which one is best?

"I'm wondering which of your supplements is best for trace mineral benefits?"

We carry a great trace mineral supplement. Although, it is really much more than just that. The organic "greens superfood" concentrate ALKAPLEX GREEN is an extremely rich source of commonly depleted, vital trace minerals. It's also packed with 10x the calcium of milk, natural magnesium, potassium and balances your body pH perfectly.

So, we highly recommend the organic ALKAPLEX GREEN formula over stand-alone trace mineral supplements. Read more about it at the link above and you'll see why, too.

Cheap protein supplement report

"Where is the cheap protein supplement report at? I need a link to it to warn a friend who is using that ******* junk."

CheapProteinSupplement.com is the site to click to and remember for future reference.

Creatine serum: Fact, or fiction?

"I saw on another site a supposedly real lab report on liquid creatine serum which said it only contained 1% of label claim and was toxic. Is this true, or a way to sell more of their brand?"

As we have long stated, this "serum" is a scam item. Companies that market such hyped up junk really get under our skin as they prey on novice and uninformed consumers. They sure do make it sound like great stuff though, don't they? Bottom line, creatine is unstable in such a liquid format and, even if it were, it is a chemical and physical impossibility for this "serum" to meet what is claimed on the label. That said, 1% of label claim should be criminal. Click this link, creatine side effects to see test result times of the conversion of popular creatine products into toxic creatinine. It will open your eyes.

King of weight training exercises

"I have been told that weight training helps to boost testosterone levels. Do any specific movements do so more than others?"

Only the big two, the deadlift and squat have been shown to increase testosterone levels by a measurable amount. These two movements involve the largest muscle groups of the body and short term testosterone increase is how the body responds to the challenge when you are working with near maximum poundages.

Light my fire

"I'm turning 40 and not happy with my shape. Everything just went south over the years. Any hope at my age to turn it around?"

Hope? Without a doubt! Check out the inspiring words from Mr. Jack Peters of Manhattan Beach, CA that arrived in our comments box just last week: "A year and a half ago, I was just turning fifty and my size 38 pants were becoming too tight. Thanks to a new exercise routine and your products, I am now a size 34 waist and all my friends think I look like I am 34! I was skeptical that at 50, I could get results, but I am now in superior physical shape and feel healthier than I ever have in my life."

What's in a name?

muscle mass

"How did the company name MASS come about? I see the connection to muscle building, but I'm doing a paper on acronyms and wanted to include some background on yours if possible. I've always thought it was a really cool play on words."

Thanks for the compliment. When we started in 1993 the company was founded to research, develop and market an emerging class of scientifically backed muscle building supplements like creatine and whey protein. Thus, the acronym "MASS" for Muscle And Sports Science was a natural. As a funny side note, the name came to our founder while he was mowing his lawn! Here is a handy reference about acronyms you might find helpful with your report.Here is a handy reference about acronyms you might find helpful with your report.

Flavor of the month

"What can you tell me about the cooler sport drinks found in convenience stores?"

Pricey gimmicks. The drinks are a novel idea, but basically contain nothing more than flavored corn syrup water with a token amount of "active" compounds used as window-dressing to push sales. You'll note that no milligram amounts are listed for, say, creatine (which is unstable in liquid), carnitine, etc. Don't be fooled into thinking that you'll get anything close to an effective dose.

Increased life expectancy

"About half a year ago I starting bodybuilding training, cleaned up my diet and quit a couple of vices. I've never felt better! Not even in my teens (I'm 27 now). What I'm curious about is the long-term positives, specifically life expectancy. I was talking with the gym manager about this and he said I could add 10 years or more. Could it really make this much of an impact?"

Absolutely. In 1990 Duke University concluded a study which showed that a healthy lifestyle begun at the age of thirty can extend the average life expectancy by a full fifteen years. Fifteen healthy years!

Listen to your workout partner

"My gym sells a 5 pound whey powder for $79. My workout partner said it has to be low quality at that price. What do you think?"

That your workout partner has done their homework. These inferior "short processed" whey protein products cause digestive problems for many, are very poorly assimilated, and offer little in the way of muscle building and health promoting properties. Click this whey protein facts link for revealing information on the many different grades of "whey protein powder" available and be certain to read the article titled "Losing it's WHEY: An Inside Look at the Protein Market", found here.

Help! Lagging bodypart

muscle building

"What is the best exercise to grow the calf muscles? I've tried calf raises, etc. all with no luck."

This is the most commonly cited lagging bodypart. Consider that your calf muscles take a daily beating just from walking. Add years of this hard work and they wind up with a tough, "stringy" like muscle quality. STUBBORN is probably a better way to put it! This is about the only muscle group that is virtually impossible to overtrain. To answer your question, SPRINTS. Fast, hard sprints seem to work best overall for calf growth.

Supplement synergy

"I am taking Adaptagen N and want to know if it is alright to also use creatine and whey protein powder? What about growth hormone releasers?"

Kre-Alkalyn Creatine, our whey powder and Adaptogen (correct spelling, not Adaptagen) is a great stack for strength, growth and recovery. If you also plan to use the HGH substrate Gamma GH be careful to keep ingestion 2 hours away from any protein intake (Mass Pro or table foods) to get the best response. If you don't, competing proteins will bond with the isolated GH compound and render it ineffective.

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