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Burn fat thermogenic supplement

If you want to be FASTER, STRONGER and SMARTER with a SUPER FIT PHYSIQUE, then you need the Patent Technology Formula for 'Fueling the Human Performance Machine' working for you- BURN IT UP!™

BURN IT UP! is fast acting, long lasting and increasingly builds benefits for you over time. Try it before your next workout, bike/tri/marathon event - or speaking engagement - and enjoy an unmistakable Unfair Advantage. SEE and FEEL the NATURAL ENERGY, strength increase, fat burning boost and sharpened mental focus for yourself.

'Synergy Formula' BURN IT UP! works via a broad spectrum approach to potent, proven ingredients and a versatile dosing protocol. It's all about delivering to you, World Class, MEASURABLE BENEFITS.

22 Active Factor BURN IT UP! is exceptionally comprehensive and features only the legitimately best ergogens, SAFE, REVITALIZING SUPER FOODS and the most prized organic energizers on the planet.

Included is premium, Organic 10:1 Maca (an amazing, jitter-free stamina builder), authentic ATP, powerful 4:1 Yerba Mate Extract and the best sharp mind/muscle superfoods in extra high potency. And, that's just scratching the surface. All 22 Active Factors contribute a targeted, specific benefit + enhance the greater whole. It's POWERFUL SYNERGY in action - made to give YOU the winning edge.


fat loss supplements

Insider insight reveals one of the 22 BURN IT UP! Active Factors is a prized Asian adaptogen that powers you to go the extra mile. Selectively harvested, it's aged and concentrated six to eight years to harness all of Mother Nature's power. This incredible ergogen is a rare find on American shores because it's the "Saffron" of organic performance enhancement. This REAL, 6+ Year RED KOREAN GINSENG Extract guarantees great results.

BURN IT UP! completely outclasses the high calorie, horrible nutrition of "jittery jolt then crash" energy drinks and ordinary fat loss pills and powders. Those products cause adrenal fatigue and dependency. Instead, naturally REVITALIZE YOURSELF with the professional, proven POWER of BURN IT UP!

SEE for yourself. FEEL the EMPOWERMENT of Patent Technology BURN IT UP!

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"As a coach I get asked a lot of questions about supplements. Protein powder and fat burners/pre workout make up most of them. For years I have said that Mass Pro Whey is the best on the market. Until recently I didn't have a preworkout that I could say I was 100% behind. Not anymore. Burn it Up's new formula is on point. Amazing energy. The boost in focus and energy is quick and sustained, and NO CRASH afterwards. Another big win for you guys. I have already started suggesting it to clients that need to up their workouts, manage cravings, and get a solid healthy boost. Thanks again to John and the staff at for putting out the best products going."
-Zak Knight, Strength Coach/Powerlifter

"BURN IT UP! is the closest anyone is going to find to a legal energy supplement. The results are superb. I have never lifted so much for so many reps. It's going to be shared around the rugby team before we play Saturdays!"
-Paul Hart, England

"My secret weapon. Wife and I both use this for endurance bike rides. A+++++++" -jsjcat, Verified Buyer Burn It Up Review

Burn it Up rocks! It is the cleanest "high" I've gotten from any pre-workout supplement. It's a steady alertness, and the great thing is there is no crash at the end. It's like it just wakes up the senses without the hyperactivity of other formulas out there.

Growing up in a fitness family (father was a college athlete and current football coach), I was taught to be very picky with what I put into my body. Your company is the best, by far, I have come across. I try to tell as many people about you as I can (esp being military, my young airmen are always falling to the hype of other places and I firmly send them your way). Thank you for supplying us with quality, no fluff products!"

-DJ Thomas, Minot, ND, Minot AFB

"My strength and stamina started increasing immediately... no doubt this new ATP is working"
-Terry Baldwin, ISSA Certified Trainer, Pro Bodybuilder, World Record Holder

"I was out of Endurolytes before a group ride and a fellow cyclist gave me a couple of BURN IT UP! as replacements. It was the best ride of my life and I'll never switch back."
-Kate Sims, San Diego, CA

"We're very proud of BURN IT UP!... Compare it head-to-head against ANY sugary energy drink, endurance/electrolyte formula, brain booster or competing fat burn supplements. I stake my name and reputation on the research proven results and real world value."
-John Drake, CEO/Research Director

10:1 'Canthaxanthin Supreme' - BRONZE ORGANIC

canthaxanthin tan and tanning

Canthaxanthin (pronounced can-tha-zan-thin) has been popular for decades among bodybuilders, models, celebrities and people from all walks who say it gives them a "just back from vacation" appearance - without the ultraviolet exposure associated with sun tanning and tanning beds. Clint Eastwood is noted as having been the first Hollywood star to use Canthaxanthin.

What is it? A naturally occuring antioxidant, CANTHAXANTHIN is a range of carotenoid colors related to Beta Carotene. It is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as a food color additive and extensively used in commercial goods like ketchup, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, etc. Part-and-parcel of many animal feeds, it's utilized to enhance color in salmon and egg yolks (hens and salmon are fed 80mg), and the colorful plumage of exotic birds. Health researcher Durk Pearson sumized his findings as follows in his best selling book, LIFE EXTENSION; Canthaxanthin provides even better protection from ultraviolet light and singlet oxygen than Beta Carotene, and it gives the skin the apperance of a beautiful, natural-looking golden copper tan".

CANTHAXANTHIN does not "tan" skin, however. We offer it as an organic antioxidant color additive only. 30mg per 16 ounces of food or liquid ingested is the suggested dosage. To elaborate on what Pearson researched and reported; he discovered Canthaxanthin lends color to the subcutaneous layer of skin and since the top layer is transparent it can show through and "give the appearance of a tan", to paraphrase his words. Many bodybuilders are known to use tanning beds and sunbathing in conjunction with Canthaxanthin supplements and routinely report achieving an extremely deep, bronzed look. Conversely, while most health professionals advise against excessive ultraviolet exposure, many do recommend light but regular early or late day sun exposure for health benefits.

Bronze Organic Canthaxanthin

Consumer ALERT: Accept only the Gold Standard, BRONZE ORGANIC™ in the brushed gold label. Celebrated as the world's darkest, Bronze Organic contains ONLY ultra-premium 10:1 'Canthaxanthin Supreme'. Beware of low grade, low potency pretenders full of additives and fillers - some of which have been exposed as containing a mere 3-5mg of Canthaxanthin (or zero, with misleading label trickery). Only genuine BRONZE ORGANIC is rigorously tested and 100% certified for guaranteed maximum levels of ultra-pure, ultra-premium 10:1 Canthaxanthin. It's the "one cap per meal" Real McCoy.

GET STARTED OR STOCK UP TODAY on genuine Bronze Organic. Avoid disappointment. Accept No Substitutes!


Canthaxanthin FACTS: Learn more about the novel antioxidant color additive capsules

Canthaxanthin Blog: Professional trainer details his personal Canthaxanthin plan

"I absolutely LOVE this product (Bronze Organic). I have tried others on the market with no results but this product is unbelievable. I got the color I desired, so much so that I had to reduce my dosage to 1 a day. It is amazing, I couldn't be happier! Please use my testimonial, BUT only my initials. It works so good I don't want people to know my secret."
-J.C., New York, NY

"Enclosed is a money order for two bottles of Bronze Organic 'Canthaxanthin Supreme'. I have ordered this from you for two years now and have been incredibly satisfied with your company and your product. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come."
-Lori Wright, Dexter, MO

"The Real Deal, I learned after buying from 4 others that were not as potent!"
-thezipimt, Verified Bronze Organic 5 Star Review

bronze organic canthaxanthin and synthagen before and after

"I can vouch for its effectiveness. Check out my before/after photos here for the difference in color*."
-Thicketman, unsolicited online review

*Click the photo to the left to see the stunning real world difference in detail

Physique Transformation included's MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN.

"I tried most of the other brands of Canthaxanthin who claim to have the best quality. NOT! I decided to give yours a try because of the capsules compared to the hard tablets. I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the results. I actually look golden brown. I will definitely spread the world to all my friends at the gym."
-John Bently, Boise, ID

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where to buy sportlegs

Extend Cardio, Cycling & Weight Workouts Beyond The Norm...


Beat The Burn Reduce Residual Soreness
Patent #6,699,906 This is where to buy SportLegs at the Best Price

Whatever your sport, whether you're a seasoned pro or a competitive weekend warrior, it's frustrating to run into performance limiting "muscle burn".

Now, you can STOP THE BURN with SPORTLEGS!

supplement cycling

SportLegs® is something unique: The safest, easiest, healthiest way to minimize frustrating "muscle burn" during sports and exercise - without paying for it in amplified aches and soreness afterward.

Taken a half hour before exercise, the safe, premium lactate forms of Calcium and Magnesium in SPORTLEGS Vegetarian Safe capsules mimic the start of sports or exercise for your muscles. So they can begin their natural adaptation to exercise, and prepare to consume lactic acid earlier.

You'll accumulate less lactic acid, which causes the "burn" during sports, and the residual soreness afterward. And, when taken during or after prolonged exercise, the SPORTLEGS balanced blend of natural European lactates is delivered to your muscles in an ALKALINE FORM to neutralize any lactic acid that does accumulate.

SportLegs Q&A:

So, what is in Sport Legs?

The active ingredients are premium natural-source European lactate compounds of calcium and magnesium plus Vitamin D. (Lactate isn't lactose. No dairy-source ingredients are in SportLegs.) Other ingredients to extend shelf life by preserving the delicate Vitamin D are GMO and gluten-free modified corn starch, sucrose, sodium ascorbate, dl-alpha tocopherol, vegetable oil triglycerides and silicon dioxide. These premium ingredients are packed into vegetable capsules.

How is Sportlegs different from ordinary calcium/magnesium supplements?

Ordinary "cal/mag" supplements are typically carbonate, citrate, phosphate or gluconate compounds. SportLegs uses lactate (not lactose) compounds of these minerals. Lactate accounts for 86.4% of the capsules' ingredients, and is the key to why SportLegs makes a difference you can feel in an hour, and ordinary "cal-mag" supplements don't.

Why haven't I heard about SportLegs before?

In a nutshell, human nature. Athletes are naturally competitive. They discover SportLegs works, they immediately think, "Wow. I'm gonna tell exactly NOBODY about this stuff."

Is it my imagination, or does the "burn" really get worse with age?

It's not your imagination: The "burn" and the next-day soreness really do get worse with age. Just as your safe maximum heart rate declines through middle age, your Lactate Threshold (the "burn" point) declines by a percent to a percent-and-a-half each year. It's the biggest reason people quit sports during their peak earning years. The older you get, the more you'll appreciate how SportLegs lets you figuratively turn back the calendar. You don't have to act your age.

best price for Sportlegs online

Is it safe? What are the Sportlegs side-effects?

At the appropriate body-weight dosage, the federal Institute of Medicine recognizes these ingredients safe enough for a one-year-old. SportLegs side-effects do not exist.

It almost feels like cheating. Is Sport Legs legal?

SportLegs' ingredients remain legal for all competition sanctioned by WADA, USADA, UCI, IOC and NCAA authorities. They have been used to legally win state, National and World championships.

Can I use the Sportlegs supplement in combination with Burn It Up?

Yes, the two stacked together have outstanding, synergistic effects.

I am Gluten sensitive, can I use Sportlegs?

Yes, SportLegs vegetarian capsules are Dairy, Sodium, Gluten and GMO Free.

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Discover pH Correct, Patent Technology 'Creatine SUPREME'

"Are you sure this stuff is legal? I broke my best time on a sprint hill that averages 11.2% grade the first time I used SportLegs. I climbed that same hill two more times in the same ride and put up similar times. My legs are usually on fire up that climb... It was a strange feeling to *not* feel my legs. I usually push as hard as I can up that hill until my legs say "no more" then I sit back down and spin up the last segment. Yesterday I was out of the saddle and maintained a perfect cadence up the hill each time. A friend even commented on how good I looked. He actually said "you handled that hill perfectly today.

Still amazed later that night I couldn't help but feel somewhat guilty, as if I had some new kind of unfair advantage. One point that I didn't see mentioned on your site is how SportLegs can help with your training. I noticed on my very first ride that I was pushing harder because my legs felt so fresh, that can really accelerate both fitness and strength."
-Chadd Biehler, Atlanta, GA


Yohimbe benefits

You can purchase potent, HIGHLY CONCENTRATED Yohimbe Extract without prescription, LEGALLY.

Granted, you won't find Yohimbe Supreme™ at a mall "nutrition center" or on late night TV... All the same, you can have it in your hands today. Right now.

Click this yohimbe extract link, Yohimbe Supreme, and discover how it can significantly increase your energy and libido, PLUS burn fat in stubborn areas by stripping estrogenic "brown fat".

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"WOW! Yours is the first yohimbe I've actually felt something from. And boy do I feel it, a rush in 20 minutes!"
-Nick Tsironis, SC

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