"Heralded as the most effective drug free recovery agent to ever hit the health and fitness market."


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MASS PRO 'Synthagen' Q&A Review

musclemass mass pro synthagen

"What can this new version of Mass Pro do for me?"

The latest MASS PRO addition, called SYNTHAGEN, facilitates extremely fast muscle recovery from high intensity exercise - while near instantly replenishing burned cellular energy stores.

It's unlike anything before.

THINK about it- These two positive effects are GLOBAL in scope. The benefits from Synthagen are, in fact, SO VERY PRONOUNCED that many first time users react with stunned silence - or, they start telling everyone they know and care about to buy up a years supply!

Seeing is believing, but MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN ('MPS' for short) is being widely heralded as the most effective drug free recovery agent to ever hit the health and fitness marketplace.

This formulation sports professional, tangible dosages of no less than 16 nutraceuticals, all working in concert to optimize muscle while simultaneously restoring raw cellular energy.

Synthagen contains the advanced ProtoGeneX Amino Acid Matrix, a marvel all on it's own, to very rapidly stimulate and sustain an elevated state of protein synthesis. It fuels, it feeds, and it's long lasting.

To be very clear - MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN accomplishes it's goals without any stimulants or hormones, and it can be used safely and effectively by men and women, the young - and the not so young!

"I want to know more. Tell me what makes Synthagen so unique?"

It effectively 'green lights' every bodily function conducive to growing muscle, recovering from exercise and keeping ones metabolism burning fat and performing at it's physical peak.

Consider the following illustration:

Imagine yourself as being in a race, at the start of a 10 mile long closed course right through town.

At the finish line is the winners trophy representing top muscle/lowest bodyfat/highest performance.

At each mile marker is an intersection that represents potential rate limiting qualifiers to the finish line. For example, if even ONE essential amino acid is not in place when needed (and most protein supplements ARE missing one, two, or three ESSENTIAL aminos!), well, that's a big old fat rate limiting RED STOP LIGHT.

Your progress comes to a screeching HALT as the body searches for the vital, missing amino acid. Hit just a few rate limiting red lights and you'll be lucky to stumble in to finish the race, never mind winning FIRST PLACE.

Here's THE UPSIDE - Imagine what having all green lights can do for you... because SYNTHAGEN effectively turns every single rate limiting red light GREEN!

Personal achievement soars with Synthagen by eliminating GLOBAL rate limitations. Smart coaches are also discovering this is the advantage to turn an also ran team, into a team of run away CHAMPIONS.

FACT: No other sports supplement is targeted to identify and eliminate the roadblocks to ELITE level success on this scale, with absolute precision. Nothing. This is the genesis of MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN.

110% unique, original, and EXCLUSIVE.

CAUTION: Synthagen allows you to recover so quickly from training that we must SERIOUSLY warn users to be careful not to overtrain. A few rest days weekly are needed and advised, even if you do feel you can train every single day, EVEN MULTIPLE SESSIONS with Synthagen on your side.

"What's all the Mass Pro Synthagen ingredients? Is Proto Gene X 'free form amino acids'?"

You'll find extensive research details to support the proprietary MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN ingredients by clicking here.

"I want to know more about the health and anti-aging Synthagen attributes spoken about on a talk show. An older gentleman raved about feeling like a young buck again. Tell me more."

MANY report an energized enlightenment of sorts following their first Synthagen dosing, but it's difficult to describe since it is a very 'clean' (non stimulant), naturally occurring benefit of nutrition optimization.

MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN appears to be a natural nootropic due to it's positive elevation of blood flow to BOTH the body AND the BRAIN, for up to 6 hours.

This elevation was engineered in from the onset to ensure Synthagen's ingredients and any foods you eat with it get to your muscle tissue FAST and efficiently. The nootropic/feel great effects were an unanticipated bonus which became apparent during R&D testing and illustrates just how many bodily systems stand to benefit.

One other thing to note, is that multiple ingredients in Synthagen "back up", team and string together with each other like a safety net to insure "fail proof" success for all, regardless of age or gender.

This said, we can't help but be proud of the "I feel like my old self again!" Synthagen reviews flooding in from outspoken advocates in life extension and life enhancement circles.

"What is the reasoning behind the ATP ingredient change in the new version?"

It's a big upgrade, to the new and Patented "elevATP" organic compound. You'll find all the exciting ATP research details here.

"Please tell me the dosing range and best use guidelines for MASS PRO Synthagen."

synthagen capsule

Certainly. For peak athletic performance and enhanced recovery, take 5-10 capsules prior to exercise or sleep with 10 oz of tart cherry juice or water.

For nutrition optimization and to boost cellular repair, muscle recovery, protein synthesis and anti-aging/life enhancement benefits, take 3 or more before meals.

For master level results from hardcore training, use the following guideline:

With the above regimen, even the most advanced pro athletes report observing a profound decrease in recovery times. This means far less muscle soreness and the ability to squeeze more productive training into any given week/month/year. For most, this pronounced recovery boost will manifest following the VERY FIRST MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN dosing. For a few, it takes a week or so for Synthagen's actives to build up in the body. For improved response in these instances, the addition of Alkaplex Green comes highly recommended to correct/optimize body pH.

Do not underestimate the value of the 3 capsule OFF DAY servings just prior to your 3 biggest meals of the day, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of Synthagen's most outstanding features is favorably re-partitioning nutrients from your diet TOWARD MUSCLE and AWAY FROM FAT. Be smart and leverage Synthagen to full effect by taking it with the training table foods you consume, for the optimal advantage.

*MONEY SAVING TIP: Once full benefits are firmly established after several months, consider dialing back to 3/3/3/ or perhaps even 2/2/2 eventually to discover your LOWEST effective dosing threshold. This varies person to person and can go up or down depending on ones training changes/challenges at any given time.

"OK. I need to know, is it possible to "stretch" Synthagen out even more and still get good benefits?"

Not best, but quite good, yes. Considering each big bottle is nearly a full pounds worth of 270 capsules there has emerged a new training day only dosing protocol which allows the new, strongest ever MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN X2 to be extended for a significantly longer time frame, ongoing.

This regimen provides a very solid degree of the most powerful benefits and is outlined as follows:

FACT: R&D showed cherry juice in particular having a potentiating effect on MASS PRO Synthagen verses water (other tart juices also favorable, to a lesser extent). It's a wise choice for peak results from each dosage.

"Is there a way to boost Testosterone and GH with Synthagen to max out muscle and cuts, together?"

boost testosterone

Synthagen is an advanced 'all-arounder' supplement you can employ strategically in and around workouts, and/or at various other targeted times of the day or night. All on it's own, or together with other proven items.

Synthagen can both replace multiple marginal supplements you've been using, and also significantly enhance uptake and utilization of ANY time proven formulas/foods you currently enjoy success with.

The top complimentary nutraceuticals people are reporting as the best to stack with Synthagen to us presently are:

"What is different about the new X2 Synthagen?"

Simply put, X2 is the most potent lab run of MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN ever produced, and that's saying something! X2 is the exact, original formula but now with TWICE the authentic, full spectrum '10 levseins' Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract.

We take performance enhancement very seriously, and MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN has carved out a stellar reputation for itself. Today, with weak imitations and fake sound-alikes playing around, it was decided to further distance the genuine and true formula from any pretenders by, you might say, doubling down.

MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN™ is REAL, EFFECTIVE SUPPLEMENTATION. It's in very high demand, and available on a first come, first served basis as every batch to date has sold out in record time.

Avoid delay, lock in your personal supplies of the strongest ever SYNTHAGEN X2, SHIPPING TODAY!

Buy Now - MASS PRO Synthagen X2

Detailed full disclosure ingredient FACTS about MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN

Sports Supplements Secrets: An inside look at New MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN X2

"MPS is my number one foundational supplement. I feel it working to improve EVERYTHING I do in my life. I'm 63 and on my 7th bottle of Synthagen. Yes, I watch my diet and exercise but 'recovery' always seemed like a daily uphill battle until I discovered this product. I am making gains I didn't believe were possible. Work harder, play harder naturally. I feel stronger and more youthful. Athletes/BBs will love MPS. Seniors, Synthagen can be a God send for you. It is for me. Try it!"
-Randy Mordhorst, Farmington, NM

"Supplement that changed the world for me? Mass Pro Synthagen for sure. Recovery time slashed and all the ingredients are beneficial with nothing risky. Synergistic effects. It's the perfect standalone, while also functioning as the ultimate stacker. It's healthful, produces no metabolic waste and helps actualize other nutrients you are taking in. The best, very best!!!!"
-Erin Mackin, Online Forum Review

"This product is amazing. In the last month I have been getting over a cold and stressed out... Not sleeping or eating well. My body is probably swimming in cortisol. Despite all of this I have been able to workout and make gains using Synthagen. Visually my shoulders look different. Wider and you can see striations. I just noticed the change in my quads too. Thicker with deep separations. Synthagen has helped me cut back on my food bill. What I do take in seems to be assimilating better. I love this product."
-Matt Beaty, Belllingham, WA

The restorative properties and increased sense of well being is amazing!! Not only can you train harder and increase intensity/density, you wake up the next day with no soreness and ready to train again. You have to literally force yourself to not train on days you are supposed to take off. For those who are wanting to train on the next level, this product will take you there."
-Gareth Denyer, CPT, HCP Barbell, Woodlands, TX

"MPS produces results not even advertised. Injury prevention and the confidence to push your training beyond the norm... Try it for a month and then stop using it, and you will see. At my strongest and fittest, MPS was not in my supplement 'stack', it WAS my supplement stack."
- MASS PRO Synthagen YouTube CommentMASS PRO Synthagen YouTube Comment

"Exceptional product! Far exceeds anything else on the market. Increased work capacity, increased recovery/reduced muscle soreness! Definite game changer."
-Donnie Morrison, Ridgecrest, CA

MASS PRO Synthagen™ is an Exclusive, Proprietary Formula and 'Nutrition Optimization' is a Service Mark of MUSCLE MASS INC.

"I'm 86 and my doctor used to tell me to slow down - at least he did until he dropped dead." -Cesar Romero