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Q: "I'm confused about supplements. I was at the mall yesterday and left frustrated. The clerk was no help. I could tell he was on commission, and the guy was in terrible shape. How do I know where to start? I only want one or two items to help me get lean and strong.

A: Skipping a rant on the typical mall supplement store, since you said it all, check out the handy supplements reference guide found here-

You'll find the clear, concise information you need to know to help you get the results you're looking for.

Q: "What do you think of the H.I.T. style of training? I've been reading some articles on it and think I'm frustrated enough to give it a whirl. Still, it just doesn't seem to make sense when compared to traditional methods to me."

A: If by "traditional" you mean the high volume routines that are presented in the current newsstand catalogs which masquerade as muscle magazines, then you are mistaken. H.I.T. principles are rooted in what is the classic style of weight training (before steroids). For the genetically average and drug-free, a well designed High Intensity Training routine such as the one detailed in "FAST MASS" will almost always produce better results. Very often, dramatically better results.

For more sound advice on training, diet and supplements, check out the Muscle And Sports Science Q&A forum at

You'll find an excellent, FREE upper body routine posted there, too.

> > The truth about Tanning Beds < <

We all know that the sun can be harmful to your skin. This is why many people shy away from tanning in the sun. They don't want their skin to age too quickly.

Every year more than one million people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the United States. Despite this fact, people continue to sunbathe and visit tanning salons, seemingly ignoring the risks.

The question is, can you look golden and also protect your skin?

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> > Potent powerhouse packing new punch < <

Burn It Up! has set a new benchmark for purity and potency excellence! Patented InfraProven* analysis of the most recent production run (lot #86755101) conducted by BioCeutical Labs has certified the product to be an amazing 100.25% pure.

How is it possible to exceed 100% purity, you ask? This analysis resulted in a score which exceeded the previous best standard by a figure of 0.25%. Thus, a brand new purity standard is born.

Considering that a 95% assay is deemed excellent, this is indeed quite an accomplishment.

Burn It Up! is formulated to help your muscle and metabolism work harder, longer and stronger.

Ideal for any weight loss program, Burn It Up! "turns on the switch" for sustained fat buring and high energy.

Before exercise, just one or two caps give you very noticeable results. Users report they can literally feel the energy increase, strength gain and intensity "kick" within only minutes.

Right now, Burn It Up! is being offered at special savings, too. Each bottle contains 75 capsules for the price of 60, plus when you BUY 2 bottles you GET 1 FREE! To place your secure online order, click or call toll free at 1.800.ASK.MASS.

*All herbal supplements displaying the MASS logo are tested and awarded InfraProven Certification to assure you of 100% botanical orgin, absolute purity, safety and peak effectiveness. Read more about it here-

> > Your feedback < <

"Bravo Zulu to the scientists who created Adaptogen N. In less than one month of training while supplementing with this product my leg presses have increased from 600 pounds for reps to 900 pounds for reps. I am 41 years old and have 20 years of lifting experience. The most impressive aspect is that now I do not get sore from my workouts!"

- Rick Caldwell, Cordova, TN

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