"Colostrum is literally Mother Nature's very first, life sustaining superfood..."

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Organic Bovine Colostrum Research

In the late 18th Century, scientists first began to research Colostrum. Today, there are literally hundreds of published studies detailing a wide range of bovine Colostrum benefits from great health and wellness to superior athletic performance.

To illustrate just how wide reaching the benefits are, consider the following; Colostrum research conducted by major medical centers and universities has shown expertly processed, active bovine Colostrum supplements such as Advanced Formula ALPHA EFX to help:

Bovine colostrum superfood

Colostrum FAQ

What exactly is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the powerful, nutrient-rich "first milk" a mother produces just after giving birth. Providing a supercharged blend of vital proteins, antibodies, antioxidants, immunoglobulins, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids - Colostrum is literally Mother Nature's very first, life sustaining superfood. All told, there is over thirty seven potent immune factors found in properly processed bovine Colostrum. In addition, Colostrum provides eight growth factors which help to rebuild and rejuvenate your body by promoting healthy human growth hormone (HGH) production.

Is Colostrum derived from dairy cows truly effective in man?

Yes. Studies conducted at major medical centers and universities have time and again shown quality bovine colostrum supplements to be highly effective in humans. This is because the molecular make up is not species specific. It is ideal for humans.

Of important note, the newest research shows an advanced colostrum formula like Alpha EFX which facilitates sublingual uptake markedly enhances effectiveness. Alpha EFX is Vitamin C, Probiotic and Magnesium enriched, too. The pinnacle in effectiveness among all colostrum supplements.

Yes, but is there really a big difference verses other Colostrum supplements available?

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Very much so. To insure the maximum in purity and potency, ALPHA EFX Colostrum contains only Certified 100% Pure, Grade A Organic Colostrum derived from healthy pasture fed, hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free American dairy cows. Each batch is rigorously tested and certified free of any chemical residue, as nature intended. Further, ALPHA EFX brand Colostrum is expertly processed and standardized within the first 12 hours after the needs of the newborn calf are met. This is a crucial requirement, undertaken to insure each and every ALPHA EFX capsule contains maximum levels of active Immunoglobulins (30% IgG guaranteed). ALPHA EFX is precision processed to protect and preserve full, active potency for you.

Will it seriously help me in the gym?

Absolutely, and in a multitude of ways. Consider the study presented at the 2001 Experimental Biology Conference which found that the addition of Colostrum to the diets of 49 well-trained athletes significantly increased both body weight and bench-press strength.

How is it taken, and is it safe for children?

ALPHA EFX Organic Colostrum is completely safe and very beneficial for all ages. Technically, the product classification for ALPHA EFX Colostrum is "probiotic supplements". However, it is perhaps best to think of it as a highly concentrated, nutritional powerhouse provided by Mother Nature herself! It can be safely consumed in any quantity without worry of side effects or drug interaction.

To use, slowly chew 1-3 sublinguals daily between meals. Benefits are cumulative, meaning the longer and more consistent the use, the better the benefits. To maximize sublingual absorption, chew slowly and allow Alpha EFX to dissolve and linger in the mouth. Colostrum has a 16 hour half-life, so for best results it is important to take it twice daily. The flavor and texture is that of a soft citrus chew, even kids love 'em!

A friend directed me here for the candida cleanse diet and supplements. What exactly do I need?

Candida cleanse overview: Take 3 Alpha EFX 30 minutes before meals and 2 Multi-Guard after. Consume a high protein, high fiber diet and eliminate sugar (some fruits OK), corn and byproducts, processed foods, yeast/wheat breads and pastries for a month. Restrict carbs, using non-wheat breads (try Spelt), brown rice, oats, barley. In addition, enjoy the following foods daily- Unsweetened Kifer with breakfast. Fermented Kim Chee, real sauerkraut or true salt cured Olives as meal sides. For extensive insight and a wealth of tips and techniques, add the complete 30 day Candida Cleanse Diet at checkout and go over it with your healthcare provider. Eliminating Candida is not easy, but we've seen this candida cleanse diet and supplements course work wonders where others fail!

I'm lactose intolerant, can I use Colostrum?

100% pure Colostrum will not give you problems. Advanced Formula ALPHA EFX is lactose-free diet approved.

How long does it take to see results?

As mentioned above, the benefits of using quality bovine Colostrum supplements is cumulative, meaning the longer and more consistent the use, the greater the benefits. Some people with certain allergic conditions, candida or blood sugar imbalances (taken just as examples) may respond positively very quickly while others will see a slower but steady improvement over time. In our experience, consistent intake of 4-8 chews daily for eight weeks will yield strongly positive benefits in multiple areas for most users. Thereafter, dosage levels can usually be cut in half to maintain the positive results.

Is it alright to take the chews before having juice, or a protein shake?

ALPHA EFX is one of the key synergistic factors that makes MASS PRO whey protein so effective. However, with targeted use for specific conditions as outlined above it is best to take ALPHA EFX between meals on an empty stomach. For the candida cleanse diet in particular, juice is strongly not recommended.

Can I get Alpha EFX Colostrum at health food stores, or only here at bodybuildingsupplements.com?

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Muscle And Sports Science® is the distributor of ALPHA EFX which assures you of the best, direct-to-consumer price. A recent survey of highly advertised brands of similar and lesser quality revealed them to cost twice as much or more per milligram verses Alpha EFX. We do have a great network of independent distributors, as well, so direct your local health food store, gym or trainer to us to have them stock any of our products for your convenience or order direct, below.

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