"The overall positive effects of the Nitro AKG Enhancement Extracts are extremely wide reaching and make the benefits of this particular Arginine supplement nothing short of phenomenal..."


The Ultimate Nitric Oxide Booster

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate benefits vs. L-Arginine

A progressive, scientific approach

Imagine creating the perfect environment for maximizing both your physique and physical performance in a healthy way, WITHOUT drugs or excessive dieting. As you read on, you'll discover that with NITRO PRO AKG the road to getting the rock-hard, chiseled physique you've always wanted, along with newfound strength, sports stamina and personal vigor and vitality just got worlds easier.

Something NEW - Something SUBSTANTIAL

Nitro Pro akg arginine alpha ketoglutarate

It goes without saying we don't produce "flavor of the month" supplements. When MASS upgrades a heralded original innovation such as Nitro AKG®, YOU KNOW it is of MAJOR SIGNIFICANCE. A mastermind formula, New NITRO PRO AKG stands atop the exciting new class of Super Premium, completely drug-free Nitric Oxide (NO) enhancers. The potent, complimentary 'Nitro AKG® Enhancement Extracts' including Beet Root Juice Concentrate are strikingly effective, exclusive, and make this singular Arginine supplement truly THE BEST OF THE BEST.

Nitric Oxide & the power of hemodilation

Nitric Oxide is the key molecule used by your body to transport oxygen, increase blood flow and deliver nutrients to skeletal muscle. This process is called "hemodilation". When hemodilation is accelerated, and best of all kept SUSTAINED as NITRO PRO does so well, you'll start to see some amazing things happen to your body. The positive benefits begin as soon as your first dose... and by the one month mark, you could be seeing muscle fullness and hardness like never before from a drug-free compound. Also, look for increased strength and markedly improved stamina (and not of just of the athletic variety).

:: From the FRONTLINE ::

"The power the multiple NITRO PRO enhancement ingredients exert, including Beet Root Juice Concentrate, has to be felt to be appreciated. It's VERY pronounced for those who know only the popular Arginine AKG tabs.

You'll know from the first dose you are dealing with something special. Many have cut dosages in HALF verses other NO boosters, and yet new NITRO PRO AKG is still more potent in effect. It hits MUCH faster, and is many times more 'feel-able' physically.

The magic is in the details of not only maximizing uptake so quickly, but also in how to naturally BUILD and RECYCLE Nitric Oxide ongoing.

Proprietary NITRO PRO expertly stokes the classic Arginine to Nitric Oxide pathway without cheap chemical trickery, while equally important it fires up a SECOND PATHWAY to bank substantial RESERVE STORES.

The key is incorporation of multiple, magnified layers of the nitrate to nitric oxide mechanism seen in fruits and vegetables, which gives us great health benefits."

-John Drake, MASS Research Director.

When it comes to nutrient uptake, NITRO PRO AKG delivers exceptional benefits. Imagine EVERYTHING you do nutritionally being maximized... be it the foods you eat, the vitamins and supplements you take, all the way to something as simple as the water you drink! In fact, clean, pure water is THE most important extra "supplement" you'll want to use lots of with NITRO PRO AKG for guaranteed great results.

L-Arginine & Nitric Oxide

When it comes to isolated amino acids, it has long been known that very high dosages (typically, 10-15 grams) of L-Arginine taken on an empty stomach can boost short term Nitric Oxide and Growth Hormone (GH) levels. Unfortunately, regular L-Arginine is not very suitable for use as a long term NO elevation agent due to its inherent limitations. Even for GH release, the frequent high dosages required, unpleasant taste, stomach upset, etc. make following an effective regimen impractical, if not impossible for most.

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate vs. L-Arginine, the technological breakthrough of A-AKG

Enter state-of-the-art A-AKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) which is not only extremely well tolerated by the body, but has such a vastly superior uptake and retention profile that it makes plain L-Arginine akin to a 1973 Ford Pinto in comparison to a new, fully loaded Mustang. While A-AKG is the foundation of NITRO PRO's powerful effects, of perhaps greater importance is its specialized delivery system. The highly effective Nitro AKG® Enhancement Extracts spark and extend uptake of A-AKG maximally, while also (and this is key) literally forcing your body to SUSTAIN and REGENERATE the powerful hemodilation effects around the clock, ongoing.

And the results?

As alluded earlier, used as directed (easy to follow, detailed instructions included) the potent effects of NITRO PRO AKG are extremely wide reaching and very noticeable. This Super Premium formula incorporates breakthrough research which maximizes supplemental Nitric Oxide (NO), plus additionally helps the body produce more NO naturally while best utilizing, sustaining and regenerating all forms. Best of all, the powerful NITRO PRO formula is devoid of the negative side-effects seen with steroids, clenbuterol, Viagra and other drug based performance and physique enhancers.

Getting started with NITRO PRO AKG is easy. Unlike other NO supplements, with NITRO PRO the complete hemodilation effects begin instantly and build and sustain very quickly and efficiently. ABSOLUTELY NO LOADING or excessive dosages are needed to achieve the best, full, powerful effects.

Take action TODAY and GO PRO

arginine amino acid test results

Without a doubt, NITRO PRO AKG is one of the most versatile, side-effect free ergogenic/physique enhancing supplements ever to be developed. But don't take our word for it. SEE for yourself the dramatic increases in strength and sports stamina. FEEL the sustained power surge of accelerated hemodilation and the "continuous muscle pump" - fast - and first hand!


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"I just wanted you to know I started the new NITRO PRO AKG Arginine and WOW, do I feel the power. I LOVE the one a day serving early in the morning. WINNER!! I Absolutely love it!"
-Joseph Kyksa, Ontario, Canada

"This is the one! Use LESS Nitro over time and still see expanding results!"
-Unsolicited Forum Posting

"I am a Personal Fitness Trainer who's clients only purchase nutritional supplements I recommend after I have tried them and proven they are a must have investment. They can see the physiological changes in my body. Your company has rightfully earned a client for life and I look forward to a long and loyal business relationship. Thank You Kindly."
-Robert Blomberg