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Q: "I am a long distance cyclist looking to increase strength and mass, in particular on my upper body. I have taken up weight training and want to know what type of training and supplements will help me. Keep in mind that I do a lot of cardiovascular activity."

A: Reading between the lines, you seem to sense the reality that aerobic training and endurance sports, when done too frequently, can limit gains in the weight room. While this is true to a degree, most athletes in your situation are able to strike a happy balance over time. Generally speaking, overtraining is what you will need to avoid.

John Drake of MASS has taken up cycling in a big way after seeing profound changes in his friend Mike Hall and will tell you that his cycling has in fact enhanced his weight workouts.

Again, however, he warns against overtraining and advises to never do both on the same day. He also essentially allows the long distance cycling to cover his "leg day" in the weight room, more than happy to trade the endurance and longevity benefits for heavy squats.

As far as supplements, you will find a pre-ride stack of Kre-Anabolyn along with MASS PRO Amino taken about 15 minutes ahead of starting time will add miles and miles. Your 2nd (and 3rd) "wind" will kick in easier and last increasingly longer and stronger with this stack.

Alternately, some athletes prefer the combo below from our Functional Foods page at

Wesley's Jacked-Up Grape Juice


Shake briskly and sip on before and during your free weight workout, cycling or big marathon event.

For more great tips and sound advice on training, diet and supplements, plus an excellent upper body routine, be sure to visit the Muscle And Sports Science Q&A forum located at

> > The TRUTH about Multi-Vitamins < <

It's easy to find a high-potency multi-vitamin that appears a wise buy. The shelves are lined with seemingly "smart" choices...

Some even boast of guaranteed vitamin delivery past digestion (to the front door of your cells). HOWEVER, the pivotal question they don't address is; Do the vitamin and mineral nutrients ABSORB INTO your body's cells AFTER digestion?

Who guarantees THAT tough nut to crack?

Discover "Multi-Guard" here-

> > What in the world is Rob Regish up to? < <

Our good friend and noted researcher Rob Regish wants you to know that he has something very special headed your way, very soon.

Now, Rob is not one to hype things beyond reality, so when he says he has a "breakthrough training and diet program" it's time to listen up, and listen closely!

Do we know more than we're letting on?

Yes, but we're under a non-disclosure agreement and simply can not let the cat out of the bag on this Copyrighted information - Yet.

But, it's coming soon... within weeks. Get ready for "The Blueprint".

Rob has been conducting intensive athlete trials on this specific diet and training program over the last year and it flat-out produces stunning results. Some members of the MASS crew have been involved as test subjects, along side dozens of other athletes, both hardcore pro's and average Joe's.

"The Blueprint" changes everything.

Watch your email for the release information and dedicated website address, coming soon. Until then, here is a couple links to Rob's most recent research articles (Update! Blueprint access now in link 2).

> > A Healthy Chocolate Indulgence < <

If someone said you could maximize your lean muscle building and fat loss program, PLUS boost your health and athletic performance by up to 400% while enjoying HERSHEY'S RICH, DARK CHOCOLATE you'd think they were crazy, right?

Call us crazy...

> > Your Feedback < <

"Your new Kre-Anabolyn is a great product. I like it very much and I'm looking forward to trying some of your others products too."

-James Henke, Jefferson City, MO

"I have been real happy with the products (Kre-Anabolyn/MASS PRO combo). I have shot up from 180 to 200 in less than 2 months."

-Mark Lytle, Athens, GA

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