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Q: "I'm a huge fan of Rob Van Dam and a friend said you guys have his actual workout posted online. Where can I find that, and do you know when and where he will be showing up next on the pro wrestling scene? Is he going to jump to the group on Spike that runs Thursday nights?

A: You'll find Rob's workout page, which goes in-depth, right here-

As far as his next move in wrestling, we can not say. And no, that is not to say that we know but won't in this instance. Rob wanted time off to spend with his lovely wife, Sonja, who is a real sweetheart and to rest from years of the travel grind performing world wide. We have heard rumors, but he has been very tight-lipped as to his next move - which likely means something big is cooking - so stay tuned!

> > Since when does a multi-vitamin guarantee results? < <

It's easy to find a high-potency multi-vitamin that appears a wise buy. The shelves are lined with seemingly "smart" choices... Some even boast of guaranteed vitamin delivery past digestion (to the front door of your cells). HOWEVER, the pivotal question they don't address is; Do the vitamin and mineral nutrients ABSORB INTO the body's cells after digestion?

Who guarantees THAT tough nut to crack?

Find out here-

> > The MASS PRO Radio Music Mix is LIVE < <

Check out the MASS PRO Radio Music Mix - 2400+ all-time classic, current and deep cut tracks spin 24/7... it's the soundtrack to good times & great workouts online.

> > Kre-Anabolyn shortage ends / 3-pack savings < <

Until very recently, it was almost impossible to get your hands on a bottle of what some critics are calling "new sports supplement of the year" - Kre-Anabolyn. Early public demand was so intense for this multi-patented component, drug-free and HEALTHY anabolic that initial supplies were exhausted in short order. While we can not guarantee there will never be another shortage, you'll be glad to know that currently there is factory fresh Kre-Anabolyn in stock and shipping as we speak.

Now is the time for you to get started or stock up with 3-pack special savings on Kre-Anabolyn and see for yourself the incredible difference it can make in your training efforts. It's unbeatable for drug-free muscle and strength gains, plus pronounced, stimulant free endurance and sharper definition. It's a snap to use, too. All you do is take one capsule 30 minutes before meals, combined with your smart nutrition and exercise program - and that's it!*



> > New Giveaway Winner just posted online < <

Just posted! The new Muscle And Sports Science giveaway winner has been selected... Did YOU win? To find out, click to right now. If you see your name, congratulations! For express delivery of all your free supplements and workout accessories simply send an e-mail to confirm your address details to winner @ (remove spaces). Plus, just for checking you can grab a $5.00 e-gift certificate right on the page and put it to good use today.

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