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Q: "About half a year ago I starting bodybuilding training, cleaned up my diet and quit a couple of vices. I've never felt better! Not even in my teens (I'm 27 now). What I'm curious about is the long-term positives, specifically life expectancy. I was talking with the gym manager about this and he said that I could easily add 10 years or more. Could it really make this much of an impact?"

A: Absolutely. In 1990 Duke University concluded a study which showed that a healthy lifestyle begun at the age of thirty can extend the average life expectancy by a full fifteen years. Fifteen healthy years!

Q: "What is the best exercise to bring up the calf muscles quickly? I've tried calf raises, etc. all with no luck."

A: This is the most commonly cited lagging bodypart. Consider that your calf muscles take a daily beating just from walking. Add years of this hard work and they wind up with a tough, "stringy" like muscle quality. STUBBORN is probably a better way to put it! This is about the only muscle group that is virtually impossible to overtrain. To answer your question, SPRINTS. Fast, hard sprints seem to work best overall for calf growth.

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