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An Incredibly Powerful, serious program to significantly boost your Testosterone. Impressive, 77% Test Increases are documented via independent 3rd party lab analysis.

The 77% PRO-TESTOSTERONE SURGE STACK really is easy-as-can-be, too. You simply take 2 Kre-Anabolyn caps a day, one with breakfast and one at dinner, and then 3 Adaptogen N capsules in the evening before bed and, THAT'S IT!

Best of all, this affordable program works in harmony with your body to naturally raise Testosterone, so you can avoid risky substitutes with unhealthy, unwanted side effects. Circulating Growth Hormone is also enhanced, and elevated GH in the presence of peak Testosterone is the most sought after 1-2 punch to deliver REAL RESULTS.


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Effects of boosting Testosterone chart

"Here it is folks, the undeniable TRUTH of what some of the MASS supplements can do for you... you can't fudge lab results like this. I've been using labs to test (very quietly, in virtually every case) companies since 1996. As the world can see here - MASS delivers."
-Coach Rob Regish, The Blueprint

"I ordered this supplement package. I've been using the stack for two weeks now and I'm really starting to see results!"
-Dave Weilacher, Reading, PA

"Second set of test results came back. As you can see, DRAMATIC improvement in my testosterone levels. I am amazed. I was taking 2 Kre-Anabolyn daily, along with Adaptogen N every night. I am not a MASS rep or anything like that."
-Ivan, Oahu, HI

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"Be strong in body, clean in mind, lofty in ideals." -Dr. James Naismith, the father of basketball